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Gretton Primary School

Sports Crew

The Gretton Primary Academy Sports crew is made up of a group of students that want to keep our school active by encouraging others to take part in competitions both within our own school and against other clubs. 

The group is made up of 10 students who all share a passion for sports. Each week they teach half an hour sports lessons to younger students in Key Stage 1 helping them improve their skills in Football, Rugby, Netball, Athletics, Skipping and Hula Hooping.

Meet the Crew


My name is Jessica, and I think that I would be good at Sports Crew as I love doing sports and would like to inspire more people to do it as well . My favourite sport is Gymnastics and I also love swimming .I am very confident, I also do a lot of sports in my free time .  I love to be organised so if the PE shed needs to be arranged I would love to help. I am very fast so I could collect equipment.


My name is Addison, I am 10 years old, I love playing Basketball at home and play for the Kingswood football team.

I want to teach younger people how to play football and basket ball.


My name is George, I love to play Football and dodge ball with my friends.

I am looking forward to collecting equipment ready for Sports day.


My name is Lewis and I love Rugby and play with Corby Town.

Being a sports crew member will be fun and enjoyable because you get to go to the p.e shed to help collect and organise the kit


My name is Olivia, I love sports. My favourite sports are Netball, Dodge ball, Basketball. Outside of school I love to go to my swimming classes.

I looking forward to helping other children do sports, when they ask or help play games during break and lunches.


My name is Callum, I am 10 years old. I love gymnastics and weekly attend Rugby gymnastics club.

I like to stay fit and active and want to help others enjoy sports.


I am ten years old and I have two brothers one sister. I play football and I used to play golf. I enjoy watching football on the television.

I know all the rules in football and will be able to teach it to the younger children.


My name is Fin, I love Gymnastics. I compete in competitions, I am hoping to get others interested in Gymnastics.

 I want to help others get outside and fit and healthy, by creating a school basketball team.


My name is Rory and I am in Sycamore class. I love sports and support Liverpool football team. I also like Ireland rugby.

I am looking forward to helping Ash class learn some new dance moves because I love dancing.  Sports day is my favourite because I like running fast.


My name is Phoebe and I enjoy doing art (although I am not the best at it). Dogs are my favourite animals.

I would make a great sports crew member because sports and pe are my passion and you do a better job when your enjoying it!


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Core Values

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